Service Terms


Information and prices

The information and prices contained in the following list are reviewed and updated on a quarterly interval.

Please note that they are subject to change without notice due to market fluctuations. We will inform you at the time of the request if any increase has taken place.

All prices quoted are in Euros, VAT included.

How to order

You can place your order using the contact details provided on the home page or using the form provided for this purpose.


Whenever possible we would ask our customers 48 hours to process your request and arrange the delivery of the product in stock. In the case of urgent requests we will make all attempts to deliver to a shorter period.

Comments: The term of delivery communicated to our customer at the time of dispatch is estimated in accordance with our logistics partners and can suffer changes outside our control. We commit ourselves to do everything in our power to honour the commitment to our customer.

Shipping costs

The delivery in Continental Portugal does not have shipping charges in addition to postage normal. All other deliveries are dispatched according to the preference of the customer and shall be subject to the expenditure of the carrier or other.


The full payment is due to be made so the merchandise can be delivered. Bank Transfer or bank deposit account is accepted.

Orders for special items that may not be in stock may be subject to a pre-payment of 60% of the value of the order.

Ownership of goods

All goods remain the property of the company until his full payment.


Making a purchase on the web site of the ICWineTrading Co., the user declares that has more than 18 years and does not have any impediment and/or any legal restriction that prevents him from purchasing alcoholic beverages.

All prices quoted are in Euros, VAT included.

Payment is due on the invoice. We give ourselves the right to retain possession of the goods until the payment of all sums due to the ICWineTrading Co.. If the payment is late, we give ourselves the right to cancel the commercial transaction and suspend the delivery.

If any payment is overdue for 30 days or the goods have not been collected within one month of being available, or there is an earlier indication from the client that payment will not be made or the goods will not be collected, we shall be entitled to sell or otherwise dispose of the goods. Any method of resale is entirely at our discretion.

The company maintains ownership and responsibility on all products sold by us until all sums due in respect of any order has been paid. The ownership and responsibility of the products shall pass to the customer as soon as they are delivered or when he is notified that they are available for collect if this is a delivery option chosen.

The client must inspect all goods when collecting or immediately on delivery and must notify us of any shortage or damage or other deficiency. The client will be deemed to have accepted all goods satisfying his order three days after collection/delivery and thereafter, will not be entitled to reject wines for any reason.

The ICWineTrading Co. takes responsibility of the good conditions from products delivered. Any complaint will be completed by the company that reserves the right to carry out the analysis of the products not in compliance and accept or refuse the claim.

We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

We undertake the proper safekeeping and storage of wines in our possession and will always act in good faith when purchasing wine, but we will not be responsible for the state and condition of wines or whether the wine corresponds to the qualities which might be expected from its description.

ICWineTrading Co. does not take responsibility for packages sent to the countries that do not allow entry of alcoholic beverages. It is about the costumer’s full responsibility if the package is apprehended by customs – as well as the payment of the customs fees, if applied. 

All our contracts are made under Portuguese Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts.